Kim Finley LAc.

I was drawn to becoming an acupuncturist after my first treatment. A friend had suggested I try it because I was working too hard for a few years and always felt stressed and overwhelmed, like I could never do enough. I had also seen my mother benefit and feel greatly changed for the better, after a series of treatments. Feeling exhausted, I knew I needed the help. The moment I walked into the clinic and met the acupuncturist, I felt more relaxed. But then, after she had put in all the needles, I couldn’t believe it. I felt a shifting of my energy and I was floating…letting go of all of my tension, having a deep feeling of peace. Immediately, I knew I wanted to be able to offer that too. I wanted others to experience that peace.

I had been studying nutrition since I was a teenager and offering nutrition counseling in San Francisco part time. Already studying Chinese medicine theory, which sees the human as a microcosm of the Universe, it all made so much sense. It seemed like a natural progression for me to follow the path of all of the wonderful insights and practices that Chinese medicine could offer.

Our culture has become so driven it seems, especially with the pressures of economic survival, that work and consumption have become our sole focus and priority. I am deeply grateful that my work now comes more from my heart and wish that for everyone. It is now well known that most of our western maladies stem from poor nutrition and lifestyle choices. I am inspired to share the practice of preventative medicine which is innate in the practice of Chinese medicine and lifestyle practices. It simply comes down to how we take care of ourselves. We each hold that power to choose.

After attending the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, I traveled to Nan Jing, China in a month long study program organized by my school. I then moved back to the Bay Area to work in an herbal prescription pharmacy for five years, and offering nutritional counseling on the side. Missing Portland, I decided to move back and became licensed to practice acupuncture in Oregon in 2013. I then began and continue volunteering for the Portland Veteran Acupuncture Project in SE Portland. As well as working in a local community clinic and offering housecalls.

Acupuncture has the ability to balance the myriad of energetic pathways within the miracle that is the human body, offering relief from pain, stress, emotional challenges, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, sleep struggles as well as supporting the immune system, addressing muscle tension, relieving digestive distress….and the list goes on. In some parts of China, the practitioners would offer acupuncture last, after addressing the diet and lifestyle adjustments which are the core of radiant health. I am so very happy to be working with Mary Jean Brinkman as part of Green Lotus Acupuncture, where nutrition, natural and preventative medicine, acupuncture and lifestyle support are all offered, so that caring for your own radiant health can become, maybe even for the first time, your priority.

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