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Dr. Taylor Flohr, DACM, LAc. 

I discovered the vast potential of Chinese Medicine through my own healing journey. In my twenties, I worked as a payroll accountant and developed a repetitive strain injury, which led to years of living with chronic pain. I was unable to carry a bag of groceries, write or even hold up a book without significant discomfort. I left my demanding desk job behind and was fortunate to find a skilled acupuncturist who embodied compassion. She was the first practitioner I saw who listened to my story with full presence and asked me not only about my physical health but my emotional, mental and spiritual well being. She was a partner in health, and inspired me to become a Chinese Medicine practitioner to fulfill that role for others. Years later and now pain-free, I feel immensely grateful to possess firsthand knowledge of how significant a toll chronic pain can take on a person’s overall well being. 

The more I practice and study acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, the more I am mystified by its potential to treat a wide variety of conditions in gentle, yet effective ways. Curious by nature, my style blends a variety of different modalities and techniques ranging from gentle Japanese-style to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to orthopedic acupuncture. Along with acupuncture, I also incorporate cupping, moxibustion, guasha, Shiatsu and Craniosacral therapy into my treatments. I believe that my patients possess the innate ability to heal from within and seek to empower each individual to return to health with personalized treatment plans, realistic goal-setting, and lifestyle recommendations. 

I enjoy treating a wide variety of conditions including musculoskeletal and chronic pain, mental-emotional imbalances like anxiety and depression, digestive disorders, women’s health, fatigue, stress, and insomnia. Additionally, I have received training in three different approaches to post-stroke recovery/rehabilitation and feel very enthusiastic about the efficacy of acupuncture and herbal medicine to help stroke survivors (and their caretakers!). 

In my free time, I enjoy practicing Buddhist meditation, traveling near and far, and spending time in nature with friends, my partner and our dog, Lou. 

My Training & Credentials:

I hold a dual Doctoral and Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) here in Portland. I am board certified by the NCCAOM and licensed by the state of Oregon to practice acupuncture and dispense Chinese herbal medicine. 

After completing my education at OCOM, I traveled to Bajrabarahi, Nepal to volunteer with the Acupuncture Relief Project where I spent 5 weeks serving as an acupuncture physician at a rural health clinic. I loved working with the population in Nepal and was able to treat a wide range of conditions in a region where few health care options exist. 

I also hold a BA in Women & Gender Studies and Public Health from Washington University in St. Louis and graduated with honors from Phi Beta Kappa. I love learning and indulging the whims of my curiosity and have completed the following additional trainings: 

  • Ongoing: Apprenticeship in Shimamura-style Japanese Acupuncture – Seishiro Hokazano
  • Spirit of the Points & 5 Element Acupuncture –  David Ford
  • Roots & Flowers Yin Sotai – Rande Lucas
  • Craniosacral Therapy Level I – Upledger Institute
  • Introduction to Teishin & Enshin Techniques – Dr. Bob Quinn 
  • Introduction to Applied Channel Theory – Dr. Jason Robertson
  • Foundations of Kiiko Style Acupuncture – Monika Kobylecha
  • Quantum Shiatsu for the 8 Extraordinary Vessels – Beth Hazzard

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Green Lotus Acupuncture is an Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine clinic located in the Foster/Powell area of SE Portland near 52nd Avenue.

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